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Happy Halloween Day Wishes 2016 | Halloween WhatsApp & Fb (facebook) Status 2016: Halloween is one of the most or if not the most favourite celebrations in the United States and its neighbour Canada. This celebration is, even more, dearer to children and teens than the adults. This is because of the fact that on this particular day irrespective of age groups, everyone wears different costumes. These costumes are fun producing and many go on to play many pranks on this day. People celebrate this day mainly to be happy and to get funny and happy moments with their close friends and relatives. Children are the ones who loves and enjoy this celebration the most. This is because they will get a chance to become one of their favourite superhero, or any other comic character.

happy halloween day fb status 2016

Like every year, this year too Halloween has come for one and all. Every year people celebrate this Halloween Day on the night of 21st October. This Celebration has a huge history behind it though most of the ones who celebrate this do not know. This comes from the times of Christ where it people often say that this celebration is Christianized. Over the years Halloween has got many names. People call it as Hallowe’en All Hallows’ Evening or Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve. All these different names mean the same.

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This Halloween Celebration starts with the three-day observance of Allhallowtide. This is the time in the liturgical year. This Halloween’s main theme is to remember the people who have recently or long back left this world. Remembering them like the dead, which also includes saints, faithful souls, friends, relatives, martyrs etc, people celebrate this Halloween. People who celebrate this Halloween will wear costumes which the people whom they are remembering wore. Thus the peculiar wearing of different costumes has started on Halloween Celebrations.

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On Halloween Day, particularly Children wear a different type of costumes. They go to the door to door in their locality asking them by saying “Trick or treat!” for candies and other sweets. This phrase “Trick or Treat” means give me some treat or else I will play a trick on you. When any children come home for asking the “Trick or Treat” often they get many candies and other food items. And hence this is the favourite celebration for the children. On this day they wear costumes of witches, ghosts, and some other scary costumes.  Other than this, people attend Halloween costume parties which

happy halloween day facebook status 2016

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Other than this, people attend Halloween costume parties which is quite famous on this day. They decorate their house by carvings of pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns. They light bonfires and sing and dance the whole night. While some enthusiasts visits haunted places, watches horror movies and do other crazy stuff. We wish you all a Happy Halloween 2016. You and your family enjoy this joyous day with your friends, relatives, and other closed ones. Check here for number of Halloween Wishes Quotes and other stuff that you need on this day. We have lots of Halloween Wishes 2016 for you which you can share with your friends.

happy halloween day whatsapp status 2016

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